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PPC management is more complex than ever, so you need a PPC agency that knows their stuff. As a Google Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner with an experienced and diligent PPC team, Glass Digital can make your paid search campaigns a success. We have a proven track record of delivering return on investment across B2B and B2C markets.

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What our clients say about our PPC service

Our results-driven PPC team have built lasting relationships with businesses of all shapes and sizes — not only on the back of fantastic results, but also our transparent and collaborative delivery method. See what some of our clients say about working with our pay-per-click specialists.

How our
PPC service works

One of the main benefits of PPC is that you only pay the platform when a user clicks your ad. This means that revenues are directly attributable and impressions, which contribute to increased brand awareness, come at no cost.

When an ad space becomes available, an automated auction determines which advertiser secures the spot and the associated cost-per-click (CPC), largely based on:


Price is based on supply and demand. The more advertisers vying for a space, the higher the cost-per-click.

Ad quality

The platform will rate your ad quality and relevance. Higher quality scores are rewarded with a lower cost-per-click.

Maximum CPC

You can place a cap on the amount you're willing to pay per click. If the cost exceeds your bid, your ad won't show.

Return on investment is achieved when ad spend and PPC management costs are outweighed by conversion profits.

At Glass Digital, we deliver serious long-term return on investment by optimising your bidding strategy and ads. Experience, analyses and a strong understanding of your business underpin every decision and allow us to successfully adapt your campaign over time. We can also help ensure that your landing pages deliver a strong user experience, so that they are better at turning visitors into customers.

Plus, we are a transparent SEO, affiliate marketing and PPC agency. Our paid search specialists use a shared project management tool to showcase activity and collaborate on campaigns, and provide honest KPI reports that provide all the data and insights you need. You'll know exactly how your PPC budget is being spent and how your campaign is performing.

Advertising platforms

We deliver profitable pay-per-click campaigns across a variety of top online advertising platforms. The exact PPC management strategy will be customised to your business needs so that we can reach potential customers in the right place, in the right way, at the right time.

Google Ads

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, is the most popular PPC advertising platform. You can run campaigns through its Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Universal Apps Networks.

Glass Digital is a Google Partner, which means we have met the highest performance requirements. All of our pay-per-click team are fully Google Ads certified.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising works similarly to Google Ads, although campaigns are driven through the Microsoft Search Network (Bing and Yahoo) and Microsoft Audience Network.

Glass Digital is a Microsoft Advertising Partner, which means we "provide high-quality service, technology and online marketing expertise to clients so that they achieve the best results".

Microsoft Advertising Partner

Social media

Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram allow you to advertise to highly targeted audiences and connect with potential customers in creative ways.

Our PPC experts have vast experience with these advertising networks and can help you to determine which social media channels, if any, complement your business goals.

Amazon Advertising

While it is possible to run native product, brand and display ad campaigns, you don't need to sell products on Amazon to take advantage of Amazon Advertising.

The platform allows you to run display and video campaigns on Amazon properties like IMDB, Twitch, Kindle and Fire TV, as well as third-party sites and apps.

Amazon Advertising

Campaign types

There are various types of PPC campaign, and using the right combination is crucial to engaging prospects at key stages of the customer journey. Our pay-per-click specialists will analyse, test and optimise ad performance to find the mix that maximises return on investment.

Text ads

Text ads are the most common form of PPC advertising. They are sponsored search engine results that appear on Google, Bing or their partner networks, typically composed of a headline, link and short description. They allow you to rank highly for desirable keywords, helping to plug gaps in and support your organic search campaign.

As well as performing keyword research to identify queries worth ranking for, our PPC experts use audience targeting so that ads only appear for high-quality prospects — we can even remarket to cart abandoners, previous customers and so on. We have vast experience writing text ad copy and using extensions that entice click-through.

All of this contributes to a higher Quality Score, which keeps cost-per-click down while simultaneously increasing the conversion rate. We then continually monitor and tweak your search ads according to performance metrics. The result is a PPC campaign that delivers long-term return on investment and helps your business grow.

Display ads

Display ads are clickable visual adverts that appear on sites across the platform's display network. Google Display Network, for example, comprises over 2 million sites and reaches over 90% of people on the internet. On Microsoft Advertising's display network, MSN alone reaches more than half a billion monthly unique visitors.

Applying in-depth knowledge of your business and customers, our PPC specialists use audience targeting to ensure that display ads only appear in relevant locations visited by high-quality prospects. They can even be used as a remarketing tool, helping you reconnect with — and convert — users who have previously engaged with your site.

Our PPC team design eye-catching display ads, including static image banners, GIF ads and animated HTML5 ads, in line with your branding and goals, always keeping the user experience in mind. We can also help you create assets in-house. As well as attracting revenue-driving clicks, display ads effectively boost brand awareness at no extra cost.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads are product listings that appear on Google search results pages when triggered by a relevant query. They typically feature the product name, image, review score and price, as well as the store name. Users can visit the 'Shopping' tab on Google to see more product information and filter the results.

The level of detail in Shopping ads means that they generate highly qualified leads. This combined with the pay-per-click model gives the potential to earn substantial return on investment. However, optimising your product feed and bidding strategy is crucial to ensuring your advertising budget is used effectively.

Our PPC team know how to create Shopping ads that secure prominent placements for queries that drive conversions, while ensuring that your budget isn't wasted advertising unrelated or out-of-stock products. Plus, because we use Shoptimised product feed software, all of this is achieved without the need for a developer.

PPC team

Our pay-per-click experts are dedicated to generating profit through paid search. Analytical thinkers with exceptional attention to detail, they zero in on the wastage and opportunities within any PPC campaign. Our team have vast experience using their technical knowhow, creativity and commercial awareness to create click-worthy ads that convert — whatever the goal.

All of our PPC specialists have professional accreditations from the biggest online advertising platforms out there, which demonstrate their expertise in using these tools to manage successful PPC campaigns. This has helped Glass Digital to earn multiple PPC agency certifications.

  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Google Ads Video Certification
  • Google Shopping Ads Certification
  • Microsoft Advertising Certified Professionals accreditation
  • Amazon Advertising certification
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Senior Paid Search Executive

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