Ceramics and homeware brand Denby joined us at the beginning of 2020 with the task of managing their paid search campaign alongside their SEO. While their previous work was dependent on brand keywords and repeat customers, our expert PPC team were given the goal of increasing conversions and attracting new customers through non-branded terms.

Our results


Our segmented and granular approach allowed us to significantly drive performance while keeping costs to a minimum. Not only did we boost conversions by 92%, but ad spend increase was minimal in comparison, leading to a 21% improvement in ROI. This achievement even saw the campaign nominated for a major national award.

Our solution

As focussing on non-branded terms was relatively new territory for Denby, we decided to test the waters by limiting their reach to relevant in-market audiences. This strategy allowed us to utilise broad match keywords to establish which terms had the potential to perform well nationwide. This would help us refine our strategy further down the line.

To alleviate any potential damage to the ROI while unbranded testing was ongoing, we made use of branded terms that were already performing well, assigning them their own ad groups in order to capitalise on their success. Doing so meant we could have even more control over our bids and ad copy, optimising each to directly target our high-performing keywords. This improved our quality scores and resulted in a lower average cost-per-click.

We also gradually expanded Denby’s pre-existing single shopping campaign, creating seven campaigns in total. These included remarketing, branded ads, non-branded ads, collection ads, and value-based ads. The higher-priority, more focussed campaigns were narrowed down further into single product ad groups, enabling search term management on a granular item ID level.

As we started to collect more data, we were able to alter our strategy accordingly, directing search terms depending on their purchase intent and suitability to the campaign’s goal. This meant we could prioritise end-of-funnel search terms, focusing our budget on areas that could lead to higher conversions, while applying lower bids to broader, more generic keywords in order to maximise ROI.

I worked with Glass Digital in a previous role and was impressed with their transparency, from communications on projects to strategy and reporting. It was always a relationship that felt like teamwork and all members of the team seemed immersed and engaged in the brand and joint strategy.

The team were able to understand what our brand is trying to achieve and demonstrate ways we can make our current channels and budget work harder.

Navneet Evans, Digital Marketing Manager at Denby

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