Wyevale Garden Centres

Having built a strong relationship with Glass Digital through a successful SEO campaign, Wyevale Garden Centres tasked our PPC team with managing their Google AdWords account in March 2019.

In the previous year, the retailer had spent a large proportion of their budget capturing users who were already searching for “Wyevale”, while their non-branded campaigns failed to be profitable. They were keen to generate new business by improving their non-brand performance.

Our results

Return on investment
Conversion rate
Cost per click

Within just six months of managing the account, we delivered huge year-on-year improvements. By eliminating unnecessary bidding on brand keywords and optimising the non-brand campaigns, we helped the client achieve their goal of generating return on investment through new business.

Our approach

Wyevale Garden Centres’ business was significantly affected by seasonality, with garden furniture driving profits in spring/summer and Christmas trees taking over come Q4. So, it was extremely important for us to first plan out their monthly budgets based on previous performance.

After discovering that no competitors were bidding on keywords including “Wyevale”, we decided to funnel all of the client’s budget into non-brand terms. This allowed us to focus on the goal of acquiring new business without sacrificing any valuable spots in the paid search results.

This ultimately led to a greater reliance on Google Shopping ads, which were previously underutilised. Breaking campaigns down by product category and price range allowed us to serve more relevant ads that increased click-through and conversion. Altering bids based on performance meant that we could balance costs and maximise return on investment.

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