Burleigh came to us in 2020 concerned that their existing PPC strategy wasn’t meeting its full potential. Our paid search team were tasked with improving the overall profitability of the account, reducing the cost of each conversion without increasing the ad spend.

Our results

cost per acquisition
click-through rate

Our strategy allowed us to focus the paid search budget on the most profitable areas and capitalise on those with strong performance. We significantly improved the relevancy of keywords and product ads, which lead to a 188% uplift in revenue and 186% ROI, all without a rise in spend.



Our solution

The existing campaign was heavily limited by budget, which meant poor ad frequency and decreased visibility. As Burleigh could not increase their ad spend, our priority was to allocate their budget more effectively to improve profitability.

In response to their higher average order value, we generated a shopping campaign solely for past site visitors, allowing this audience a dedicated budget and a more aggressive bidding strategy. We wanted to ensure users with a stronger conversion rate were always eligible to view ads, rather than new site visitors who were less likely to convert monopolising an already stretched budget.

We then directed a large portion of ad spend on a ‘catch all’ shopping campaign set with high maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids to increase our chances of prominent exposure. This campaign was split into smaller sub-category-based shopping campaigns so that we could focus our higher bids on the most profitable areas. Each product was allocated its own ad group to allow for an enhanced level of search term management. This meant we could direct keywords towards the most relevant product for a specific query, ensuring our budget was used effectively and limiting wasted spend on more generic search terms.

While the keywords were all originally held within just a few ad groups, we opted to pause the lower-performing terms that were proving costly with minimal impact. Instead, we allocated the more profitable terms to individual groups to make better use of our budget. This allowed us to optimise our ad copy and landing pages for each strong-performing keyword, which improved the quality scores of each ad. This resulted in higher ad positions and a lower CPC.

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