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Custom Planet tasked our paid search specialists with managing their Google AdWords account in late 2017, having already built a strong and successful relationship with the Glass Digital SEO team. Their goal was to increase the volume of PPC sales while maintaining levels of return on investment.

Our results

Conversion rate
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Our paid search team exceeded Custom Planet’s expectations by not only growing the account, but doing so while increasing return on investment. The client is kept up to date with campaign activity and performance via our online project management system and regular catch-up calls.

Our approach

Previously managed by a number of third parties, the Custom Planet account contained hundreds of campaigns. Our priority was identifying the best and worst performing areas so that we could streamline the account.

We analysed historical data to see which keywords weren’t converting and, depending on severity, either lowered the cost-per-click or paused advertising spend altogether. Terms that resulted in spend without return were added as negative keywords.

After eliminating under-performing campaigns, we were able to focus on growing those that delivered good return on investment. We did this by increasing our maximum cost-per-click, so that we could place above competitors and attract more traffic when it mattered.

We continue to use a mixture of Search, Shopping and Display campaigns to reach Custom Planet’s target audience. Monitoring and segmenting engagement data allows us to tweak ad targeting and spend on a continual basis, so the client’s budget is always used efficiently.

We’re really happy with the results Glass Digital have achieved. We’ve just had our busiest month ever, so much so we are having to turn away business! I have the utmost trust in their recommendations and we really appreciate being able to ask questions and run things by them whenever we need. Everyone is really friendly and a pleasure to work with.

Andrew Dark, Managing Director at Custom Planet

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