MeshDirect — a family-owned retailer of wire mesh, netting, and security fencing — reached out to us in late 2021. The brand was looking for granular insights into how their Paid Search advertising was performing, so they could ensure their budget was being spent as effectively as possible.

After conducting a PPC audit, we discovered that the majority of MeshDirect’s higher-value purchases were driven via lead generation. By factoring in these conversions, we could direct their budget towards more profitable areas of the campaign.

Our results

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By addressing multiple stages of the buyer’s journey across various Google networks, we were able to help nurture leads towards the desired action: a purchase. This longer-tail approach accommodates the longer-path purchasing journeys, which also tended to be higher-value transactions. As a result, we saw the average order value across the search campaigns increase by 25%.

By closely analysing the performance of existing ads, we were able to identify the most profitable areas of the campaign, and direct budget towards these. Taken altogether, our tactics led to a 35% increase in conversions, a 54% increase in revenue, and a 38% jump in ROI.

Our solution

Our PPC management team kickstarted their campaign by setting up a new conversion action to monitor how frequently enquiry forms were being filled in. This added focus to the earlier stages of the funnel, prioritising budget towards users who were still in the ‘enquiry’ stage. This would help generate a new audience of customers who were likely to return and complete larger value purchases further down the line.

This strategy also allowed us to identify the most profitable new performing keywords. We then segmented these keywords out into their own individual ad groups and tailored the ad copy and landing pages directly to the keyword. The result? An improved quality score and higher ad positions at a lower cost-per-click for our client.

Before our campaign began, MeshDirect had been primarily dependent on search campaigns. To reduce this reliance, we incorporated a new ‘smart’ shopping structure following in-depth optimisation of the products within the shopping feed. With a feed of products tailored towards the most frequently searched queries, we successfully increased shopping revenue by 256%.

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