• 11 Feb 2022

My first three months at Glass Digital: Charlotte Slinger, Content Executive

Charlotte Slinger joined our Content team in November 2021. Here, she shares what’s she’s learned during her first three months working in digital marketing.

I joined Glass Digital as a recent graduate, after completing an undergraduate degree in English Literature and a master’s in Media and Journalism, followed by a summer placement at a northern lifestyle magazine. I knew a little about SEO and digital marketing before coming to Glass, as I have family members in the marketing industry. However, I applied to the role of Content Executive because it was advertised as an opportunity to put my skills as a writer to use in a friendly, growing company that offered me training and advancement. And that has certainly been the case so far! I’m learning more and more about the industry every day.

During my first three months at Glass, I have been writing all sorts of different types of content for our clients, including onsite content marketing, newsjacking and digital PR releases, and articles and commentary on a huge range of subjects. I collaborate with the Outreach team to create content that will help our clients secure linking opportunities, and work with our clients to grow their organic search visibility and engagement as a brand.

I’ve loved the diversity of my work so far, as one day I can be writing about herbal remedies to help you through Dry January and the next I’ll be discussing whether you can feed dogs a vegan diet! This variety keeps me on my toes as a writer and means I’m always working on something different.

Getting positive feedback on something I’ve written and seeing it published online always feels like a great achievement to me. One thing that does stand out is when during my first week, one of our bigger clients gave me really positive feedback on an editorial and my colleagues at Glass took the time to give me a shoutout and say well done. This made me feel so welcome here and reassured me that I must be doing something right.

I have absolutely loved the flexible remote working policy, too. A lot of my friends in other industries have been quite jealous of how flexible my week can be! I appreciate the fact that we’re trusted to work independently while still meeting our targets and deadlines when working from home. However, after two years of lockdowns and doing my whole master’s degree remotely, it’s also great to be back in the office and get to know my new colleagues in person.

I joined Glass in late November and so I got to meet most of the team at the Christmas party. This felt like a real highlight because due Covid restrictions and the various lockdowns in the UK, the company hadn’t been able to have a big event for the past two years and some hadn’t even met in person yet after a year of working together. It was great to be a part of this only a few weeks into my time at Glass.

For anyone who is hoping to become a professional copywriter, remember that a creative degree and writing skills can take you anywhere. It’s always a valuable asset to have and there are far more industries open to you than you may realise, so keep an open mind when looking for places to start your career. It’s also a good idea to save examples of your work in a portfolio, as this is what many employers will ask to see when hiring a copywriter. This could be university essays, blog posts, or articles you wrote for the student newspaper: whatever you think showcases your writing well. This will come in very handy in the future!

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