Creative Director

Jonathan Birch

Jonathan is our Creative Director here at Glass Digital. He’s been with the company since the beginning and has played a huge part in helping it grow into a business with multiple departments and more than 30 members of staff. He oversees our content and outreach teams, and works to ensure they’re always using the latest and most effective techniques to achieve the results our clients are looking for.

Before joining Glass Digital, Jonathan worked on the outreach team of several agencies. He worked his way up from being a Senior Outreach Executive to taking on a training role, and then becoming Outreach Team Lead. This means he knows exactly what it's like to do the legwork when it comes to building links, which is why he's such an effective manager to the team.

  • History BA (Hons)Newcastle University2004–2007
Key skills
  • basecamp
  • buzzstream
  • buzzsumo
  • Content marketing
  • gorkana
  • majestic
  • moz
  • response source
  • search metrics
  • semrush
  • stat
  • digital strategy
  • link building
  • outreach
  • hubspot
  • digital trends analysis

Time at Glass Digital

As well as overseeing the outreach and content teams, Jonathan works closely with our Search Director to ensure everything we’re doing is achieving the desired results from an organic search perspective. On top of all of this, he has a role securing new business for the company, and helps to ensure we always hire the best possible talent — all of this is integral to helping the business grow.

He also has a hand in implementing new perks and policies for our employees, which goes a long way towards keeping our staff happy, so they enjoy working at Glass Digital and continue to put their all into their jobs.


7th year
at Glass Digital
10 years
Industry Experience

I like my job because, here at Glass Digital, we've been able to implement all of the great ideas and ways of working that we wanted to see in our previous jobs. As we've built the company from the ground up, we've been able to decide exactly how we want things to work, and that means we all truly believe in the services we offer.

It's also incredibly rewarding to see how ideas from our employees can develop into integral parts of our service offering, because we have the freedom to change the way we work as soon as we spot an area where things could improve. It's great that there's always something to look forward to and, as Creative Director, I get to work with some pretty cool people across all of our departments. It means this doesn't feel like a real job most days.

Jonathan Birch
Creative Director

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