• 21 Jan 2021
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4 paid search tips to help you capture the hearts of Valentine’s Day shoppers in 2021

With Brits expected to spend £1.45 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts[i] and non-essential shop closures in place, 14 February 2021 presents a huge opportunity for many ecommerce brands — especially the likes of jewellers, florists, and chocolatiers.

However, where there’s opportunity, there’s also competition. And we’re still in largely unfamiliar territory, dealing with new pressures caused by coronavirus and Brexit.

As such, it can be difficult to know the best approach to take with paid search this Valentine’s Day. What worked in the past may not deliver the same results this year. Here are my four top tips.

1.     Communicate delivery dates

For ads that are likely to appear in front of Valentine’s shoppers, make sure to communicate when they should order to secure delivery by 14 February.

This is good practice at the best of times, but even more so when consumers are wary of delivery delays caused by coronavirus and Brexit.

2.     Focus on your top products and services

In the window before your delivery cut-off date, put more budget into promoting Valentine’s-related products and services. (When it comes to Google Shopping, it’s handy to put all your top-priority products into their own custom label.)

Bear in mind what Valentine’s 2021 is likely to look like — products or services that help couples enjoy a romantic day at home are likely to go down better than ever.

3.     Be ready for extra traffic

Unless they buy from the supermarket, it’s looking like consumers will have to do their Valentine’s Day shopping online this year.

While this is positive news for ecommerce brands, it can also present a challenge: do you have the advertising budget to cater to a larger target audience? Do you have the stock available to cope with a larger-than-normal quantity of orders? Can your site deal with a potential influx of traffic?

When creating and managing your ads, bear these points in mind to ensure you can maximise return on investment without disappointing any potential customers.

4.     Boost average order values

While coronavirus has had a negative impact on many people’s finances, some consumers have found themselves with extra disposable income.

Shoppers may also be looking to spend more than usual on Valentine’s gifts or at-home experiences because they’re unable to visit restaurants and looking for an escape from lockdown-induced boredom.

As such, site visitors may be more easily persuaded into increasing their basket value. Put together product bundles and suggestions and encourage shoppers to make Valentine’s Day even more special. Add-ons like gift-wrapping could also be especially fruitful this year.

Lockdown presents a lot of challenges, but there are also opportunities. With the right paid search strategy, many brands can generate a healthy return on investment ahead of Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking to grow your business in 2021 and beyond, expert PPC management could be right for you. Learn more about our service and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

[i] Finder

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