• 15 Jun 2020
  • 2 Min read

How far Britain’s virtual shopping queues would stretch

How far Britain's virtual shopping queues would stretch - © Glass Digital

As many of Britain’s high-street stores reopen their doors, we’ve imagined how long the socially distanced queues for your favourite shopping websites would be.

If daily traffic was represented by people in a line (two metres apart, of course), Primark’s queue could fill its huge Birmingham store 3,719 times over.

Here’s how some of more of your favourite shops would measure up:

  • Greggs’ queue would be as long as 240,444 sausage rolls

Greggs sausage rolls - CC 4.0, Rerrj at English Wikipedia

CC 4.0, Rerrj at English Wikipedia

  • Asos’ queue would reach from Land’s End to John o’ Groats

Land's End to John o' Groats

  • Sports Direct’s queue would be the length of 4,593 football pitches

Football pitch

  • Ikea’s queue would be the same length as 435,644 Billy bookcases

Billy bookcase, © Ikea

© Ikea

  • Currys’ queue would be as long as 1.3 million washing machines side-by-side

Washing machine

  • Waterstones’ queue would be equivalent to a stack of 2.3 million copies of War And Peace

Stack of books

  • Boots’ queue would be as long as almost 5 million toothbrushes


  • Halfords’ queue would be as long as around 250,000 bicycles


  • John Lewis’ queue would go from London to Newcastle upon Tyne and back

Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Amazon’s queue length would be over 40,590 times The Shard’s height

The Shard, London


Virtual queues compared

  • Amazon UK = 7,810 miles
  • Asos = 891 miles
  • John Lewis = 617 miles
  • Ikea = 563 miles
  • Boots = 547 miles
  • Currys = 501 miles
  • Halfords = 269 miles
  • Sports Direct = 257 miles
  • Primark = 157 miles
  • Waterstones = 83 miles
  • Greggs = 22 miles

You can find the full data used for these calculations here.

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