Our organic search team started working with Zoro — a B2B retailer of industrial tools and construction supplies — back in August 2017. We had previously helped the brand’s sister company, Cromwell, with their organic search, and they asked us to do the same for Zoro, which was very new and so had very limited search visibility.

Our client was looking to achieve similar rankings to their sister site — an ambitious goal for such a new site. To help a new brand like Zoro succeed in a competitive search landscape, we needed to build the site’s authority and traffic from the ground up.

Our results

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At the start of our campaign, Zoro’s website was brand-new, with no ranking keywords and very little traffic. But, as our campaign entered its second year, our work began to produce seriously impressive results. Zoro’s traffic growth surged by 194.8% YoY, and transaction growth increased 283% YoY. Organic revenue grew 357.4%, demonstrating that our strategy had made a dramatic difference to sales. In light of these results, Zoro renewed their campaign for another two years, during which time we continued to build on these gains.

Over the course of our four-year campaign for Zoro, we’ve helped take the domain from 0 keywords in August 2017, to over 50,000 keywords as of November 2021, including 4,000+ new front-page search results. In that time, Zoro has even eclipsed its sister company, Cromwell, in terms of search visibility.

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Our solution

As a brand-new website, the majority of our campaign was focused on onsite optimisation and technical improvements, supplemented with targeted link-building to boost Zoro’s fledgling authority.



An integral part of our strategy involved optimising the content on their key product category pages. We started by auditing Zoro’s site to identify the categories that would drive the most traffic, to ensure our campaign was delivering the best value for money.

Our Content team then set to work creating bespoke content for each URL. Our copywriters used industry tools and the latest SEO techniques to ensure each page was optimised for search, and took care to write with Zoro’s B2B audience of construction professionals in mind.



As Zoro’s website houses hundreds of thousands of URLs, technical fixes were at the heart of the campaign. Our Technical SEO team took care to maintain the crawling and indexing efficiency of the website, to ensure every category page could thrive.


Link building

To support the performance of our onsite optimisation and technical work, we also allocated a portion of our campaign towards targeted link building, to help Zoro achieve a strong backlink profile.

Our Outreach team built high-quality, targeted links on relevant sites, ranging from construction magazines to national publications. We utilised a range of ethical SEO link-building techniques, sharing quality content and expertise around trending topics, as well as creating shareable resources and infographics that would appeal to Zoro’s target audience.

One of our most successful projects was an infographic designed to help tradespeople protect their vans from tool theft. Not only did this asset build lots of quality links, but it also put our client at the centre of an important conversation, increasing brand awareness.

We are very happy with their SEO services. There’s a good group of talented specialists and copywriters. All of the team is pleasant to deal with and professional.

Christian Matenaers, Marketing Director at Zoro

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