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Write From The Heart came to us at the beginning of 2019 with the core objective of moving away from Paid Search channels and making their organic channel much more profitable. The band was originally very reliant on Paid Search channels, which accounted for the bulk of the traffic to their site. As a result, they were struggling with very high CPAs, and their revenue was vulnerable to sudden changes to their paid search performance.

To help Write From The Heart diversify their revenue streams, we needed to shore up the profitability of their Paid Search channels, and then improve their organic search performance to drive new sales and traffic to their site, reducing the overall CPA.


263% (+3,406)
increase in keyword rankings
573% (+401)
increase in front-page keyword rankings
year 1 YoY traffic growth
year 1 YoY transaction growth
year 1 YoY revenue growth
2-year average non-brand YoY traffic growth

From February 2020 to today (Jan 2022), we’ve increased the total number of ranking keywords by 263%. However, when it comes to organic, it’s the first page that really counts — and these keywords increased by 573%.

All ranking keywords (Feb 2020–Dec 2021)

Front page keyword rankings (Feb 2020–Dec 2021)

We also greatly helped grow Write From The Heart’s authority and backlink profile, gaining links from websites such as The Independent, Yahoo (News, Finance, Sports, Style), Daily Star, Hello! Magazine and more. You can clearly see the jump in referring domains in mid-2020, which is when we started allocating resources towards link-building following the content optimisation work.

Referring domains (Jan 2014–Jan 2022)

Awards and Shortlists

Our solution

An initial audit of Write From The Heart’s Google Ads account revealed our client was missing a lot of opportunities, so we decided to refer our client to our Paid Search service for the first stage of their campaign. Maximising Ads revenue would free up their budget for a more intensive organic search campaign later on.

After successfully improving the profitability of their Ads channels, we kickstarted their organic search campaign at the start of 2020. The objective stayed the same: to drive the overall CPA down by increasing the number of sales via organic search.

Our Technical SEO, Content, and Outreach departments collaborated to deliver a holistic strategy that would improve Write From The Heart’s domain authority and organic rankings.


A major component of our campaign was dedicated to optimising content on product listing pages (PLPs), as this accounted for most of the site’s potential search demand. We performed keyword research to identify the most valuable commercial search terms, and created quality bespoke content that targeted these, all while bearing the brand’s tone of voice and audience in mind.

We also produced content marketing on topics designed to appeal to Write From The Heart’s target audience, covering topics such as bridesmaid proposals, planning a kid’s birthday scavenger hunt, and hosting an at-home hen party. These would attract potential customers to Write From The Heart’s site and increase brand awareness among key demographics early in the buying journey.


Once the optimisation of PLPs was completed, we diverted more resources towards earning linking coverage for the Write From The Heart domain. The lifestyle sector is a very competitive market, so we needed to think outside the box in order to make sure our client would stand out from the crowd.

We combined outreach fundamentals with tangential content on a diverse and attention-grabbing range of topics, ranging from star sign compatibility with dogs, to building a family time capsule with your children, and even the highest-paid dogs on TikTok.

By creating content that audiences want to engage with, we were able to gain relevant, highly authoritative links on high DA sites, such as The Independent and Hello! Magazine.

Technical SEO

After performing a technical audit, we found that the website was severely bloated by low-value pages. This was interfering with the way Google discovered, crawled, and indexed valuable pages, which was having a detrimental impact on rankings.

We provided the client with tech recommendations, including culling non-essential low-value pages and streamlining categories to reduce internal competition. This resulted in an 83% drop in total crawlable URLs, meaning that the site was now maximising the crawling and indexing process for its most valuable pages.

Where We Built Links

The IndependentYahoo NewsHello MagazineManchester Evening NewsExtra.ieTalented Ladies ClubLet’s go with the childrenNorthern Life MagazineTeamdogsLondon Mums Magazine

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