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Plastic Box Shop is a family-run online retailer of storage solutions. Like any ecommerce business, organic traffic via Google search results is the lifeblood of their online store. That’s why, back in 2016, the brand asked us to manage their organic search campaign, setting us the goal of increasing traffic and generating new sales.

The online market for storage boxes and solutions is highly competitive, and our client — a family-run business — was up against household names like Ikea, Dunelm, and Wilko. So, we worked to deliver a strategy that would optimise their site, improve their domain authority, and help them catch up with their biggest competitors.

Our results

116% (+5,426)
increase in ranking keywords
68% (+985)
increase in front-page rankings
increase in estimated non-brand organic traffic
increase in organic transactions
increase in organic revenue
increase YOY in organic revenue on PLPs

Since our campaign first started six years ago, Plastic Box Shop have seen a 116% (+5,426) increase in keyword rankings, and a 68% (+985) increase in front-page keyword rankings. They’ve also benefitted from organic non-brand growth in all major organic KPIs, with traffic, transactions and revenue growing by 66%, 111%, and 119%, respectively. Excluding the homepage, that’s an average yearly growth of 11% in organic sessions, 17% in organic transactions, and 19% in organic revenue.

We still manage Plastic Box Shop’s organic campaign today — a testament to our strong working relationship and the consistent results we’ve driven over the years.

Awards and Shortlists

Our solution

Our organic strategy was split into three core tactics: restructuring the site to allow for more efficient crawling, optimising their category pages and creating new content to draw traffic, and building quality links to boost their domain authority.

These three techniques would work together to help Plastic Box Shop dominate the search results for their focus keywords.


Our client’s extensive ecommerce website stocks thousands of products with unique SKUs. With such a large site, our technical SEO strategy throughout the campaign has been centred around reducing any bloat from non-valuable pages. This ensures that pages with search demand are prioritised when it comes to crawling and indexing, which in turn would increase rankings for key pages.

Additionally, streamlining the site improved the overall UX — an increasingly important ranking factor for search engines like Google.


To help drive organic traffic to Plastic Box Shop, our expert SEO copywriting team created 12 pieces of original onsite content marketing, mainly focussing on storage and organisation tips that showcased our client’s products.

Topics included decluttering a garage, organising a small kitchen, and even tips for getting kids to tidy their rooms, all chosen for their relevance to our client’s products and high levels of Google search interest.

This content marketing would help our client reach top-of-the-funnel shoppers who were curious about ways to de-clutter their home, providing a positive introduction to the brand. This high-quality content would also boost Plastic Box Shop’s domain authority, building their credibility as experts within their niche.

To target customers in the later stages of the buying journey, we also optimised key product category pages. In total, our Content team created optimised content for over 240 pages, supercharging our copy with high-volume transactional keywords that would drive traffic and revenue to our client’s focus products.


To further boost Plastic Box Shop’s domain authority, our Outreach team worked to improve the site’s backlink profile by securing linking coverage on top sites. As with all of our link-building campaigns, our team used ethical link acquisition tactics that exceed Google’s best practice guidelines.

We outreached quality content on topics that were highly relevant to our client’s target audience, and provided expert tips and commentary on the latest decluttering and lifestyle trends, as popularised by figures like Marie Kondo and Mrs. Hinch. This put our client at the centre of the biggest stories in their industry, all while building quality backlinks.

Through their work, Plastic Box Shop were featured on major national news outlets, such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent and The Daily Record.

“I have worked with Glass Digital for a number of years now and I have always found them to be approachable and responsive to our company needs. After seeing a fairly large drop in some of our keyword search terms a few years ago they methodically worked to help us move back up the rankings to a strong position once again. They have never overpromised or oversold, like some other agencies, but the results are clear to see.”

Gary Lyons, Operations Director at The Plastic Box Company

Where We Built Links

The GuardianThe TelegraphThe IndependentThe SunYahoo FinanceHouse BeutifulVirginNorthumbria UniversityQuidcoMoneyMagpie

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