• 29 Jul 2022

My first three months at Glass Digital: Karina Bajega, Affiliate Marketing Executive

I studied Business and Tourism Management as my undergraduate degree, and my original career plan was to become an Events Manager. But when the pandemic hit, the events industry was badly impacted, and after graduating I decided to rethink my career path. After some research, I decided to continue studying and applied for MSc in Digital Marketing, as it has always been one of my passions and I hugely enjoyed the marketing modules in my undergraduate course. It certainly turned out to be the right decision!

I already had a bit of digital marketing experience before joining Glass. During my Masters, I was extremely lucky to get an internship at an inspiring British brand, Medeau Fragrances. As a Digital Marketing Intern, I learned a lot more about email marketing, social media management and digital marketing analytics. This experience also made me realise that my ideal role would combine aspects of technical and creative work — which is why I was inspired to apply for the role of Affiliate Marketing Executive here at Glass Digital.

When I first joined the team, it was both exciting and a bit scary as I’d never heard of affiliate marketing before applying for the position, even while studying for my MSc. My first three months were full of training sessions, learning new skills, and building relationships with clients. I can now say I feel much more confident about affiliate marketing than before. My role includes a lot of communication with the clients, affiliates, and influencers, seeking exposure opportunities, designing assets and recruiting new publishers.

My manager, Virginia, has been invaluable throughout the first three months as I’ve had countless questions and she is always so responsive and helpful. Even though currently I feel a lot more knowledgeable about affiliate marketing, there is still so much to learn from her.

As part of my new role, I’ve already travelled to London for a face-to-face meeting with one of our clients — Virginia and I even got some gifts to take home! My colleague Adam and I also started an Instagram account dedicated to our affiliate marketing department. Getting very positive feedback from my clients and seeing the campaign generate results always feels rewarding.

The flexible and remote working policy has been great as I love combining both working from home and the office. It’s really convenient to be able to work from home when you need to, although I still enjoy coming into the office once or twice a week and being surrounded by people. It really contributed to my learning too, as it’s so much easier to pick up things in person rather than having them explained through the screen.

My advice to anyone who wants to get into digital marketing would be to keep up with the latest industry news and watch webinars to stay up to date with current trends, keep a client list as connections and networking are a must, and don’t forget to use your creativity in everything you do!

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Karina Bajega

Performance Marketing Manager

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