• 23 Jan 2023

My first 6 months at Glass: Emma Message, Paid Search Executive

I joined the Glass Digital team as a Paid Search Executive back in July 2022. Prior to joining Glass, I was fairly new to the digital marketing world. After graduating from university with a degree in philosophy, I began researching roles that would allow me to put my skills to use. I was drawn to digital marketing as it seemed to combine both creativity and problem-solving skills, and it had always been something I was interested in.

I spent about six months as a PPC Assistant for an ecommerce fashion business, where I learnt the basics of PPC and digital marketing. While I enjoyed the role, I felt that there was much more to learn about the industry, which is what led me to apply to Glass.

When I first joined the team, Glass’ huge range of clients was a little daunting. I knew I had more to learn about PPC, but I hadn’t quite appreciated just how diverse the industry could be! While it was nerve-wracking, it was also exciting to realise how dynamic the role was. Fortunately, my team has been beyond helpful throughout, and it’s been great learning from people who are so knowledgeable about the industry. 

After spending the first few months getting to grips with the various accounts, campaigns, and strategies, I began managing several accounts of my own, as well as working alongside my team on some of the bigger accounts. Working with Glass’ extensive range of clients has hugely diversified my PPC knowledge. Since joining, I’ve gained experience across a range of different areas including lead generation, retargeting, and paid social. It’s also been really rewarding receiving positive feedback from clients and seeing campaigns and accounts I’ve worked on generate results.

Glass’ remote and flexible working policy has been amazing as it’s made a huge difference to my work/life balance. The flexible start and finish times mean that I have far more free time in the evenings to do things outside of work, and it’s always nice having the option to have the (not so) occasional lie-in. I don’t live locally so the remote policy has been especially great as it’s allowed me to work from home full-time. We still have regular meetings via video call and my team is super responsive if I ever have any questions so you always feel supported. I also got the chance to meet everyone in person at last year’s Christmas party, which has been the highlight of my time at Glass as everyone was so welcoming and friendly!

My advice to someone looking to get into digital marketing would be to keep an open mind when considering which path to choose. I hadn’t heard of PPC before applying to my first role, but it’s something I’ve ended up really enjoying. Many digital marketing roles will have a lot of crossover in terms of the skills you’ll learn, so you’ll get a better idea of what you enjoy and what you’re good at once you begin. The most important part is getting started and gaining hands-on experience. 

I’d also recommend reading blogs, watching webinars, and listening to podcasts to keep up with the latest industry trends and developments. The sector is constantly evolving, so keeping up with it will help set you apart. 

Want to join the Glass Digital team? Check out our careers page to find out about our latest opportunities.

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