• 09 Mar 2021
  • 2 Min read

Google’s Full Coverage news feature rolled out in Search for better tracking of long-running stories

Google has taken its Full Coverage feature from Google News and launched it on mobile Search results in the US. The company announced that it would be “rolling out to more languages and locations in the coming months”. 

This means that people searching around long-running and developing stories will be pointed to more information and resources from the main search engine results page (SERP), a move that could help users remain better informed and allow news publishers to secure extra clicks.

The development seems to have been largely motivated by the complex and ever-evolving needs of people searching for coronavirus information.

What does the Full Coverage feature look like?

When entering an eligible news query into Google Search (once Full Coverage has launched in your location), you’ll be presented with a ‘More news on…’ option below the ‘Top Stories’ carousel. You’ll also be able to tap through to Full Coverage after scrolling through the news carousel. 

This page will provide access to additional resources and allow users to research the story from various angles. It will be non-personalised, meaning all users will see the same content.


What does Full Coverage in Search mean for marketers?

Full Coverage on Google Search should result in better search visibility for high-quality news stories on developing topics.

While it’s likely that major news outlets will dominate Full Coverage, brand publishers also have the opportunity to secure more organic traffic by producing this type of content.

Marketers may also find Full Coverage a useful tool for broadening their knowledge of a topic and identifying outreach prospects.

Here at Glass Digital, we are dedicated to helping our clients understand the latest Google updates and how these can be used to the advantage of their marketing strategy. If you’d like to find out how we could help improve your SEO results, get in touch with an organic search expert today.

Marcus McConkey

Head of Technical SEO

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