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Apatchy London, a British designer of premium bags and accessories, came to us at the end of 2021 looking to create a new affiliate campaign. Their goal was to build a strategy that:

  • aligned with their brand,
  • had a small amount of reliance on voucher and cashback sites, and
  • delivered a 10% contribution to overall online revenue.

Our expert affiliate team were more than happy to rise to the challenge, successfully launching and managing a brand-new affiliate campaign that exceeded expectations.

Our results

revenue growth
average ROAS
average COS
average conversion rate
increase in AOV (from £55.07 to £65.37)
affiliate contribution to overall online revenue

After one year, revenue from affiliates alone was contributing 12% of overall online revenue — 2% over the original 10% goal. The average order value had also increased by 18.7% from £55.07 to £65.37, with an 8.03% conversion rate that is well above the industry average.

This success was largely down to our strategic approach and focus on fashion affiliates. From February 2022 to July 2022, Apatchy was listed on Who What Wear, Stylight, Klarna, The Handbook, and Oculizm. As a result, fashion affiliates contributed 9.5% to total affiliate revenue, and 1.12% to overall online revenue.

Not only was this a very cost-effective approach, but it also built valuable brand awareness for our client among key demographics, too. By recruiting top fashion sites like The Stylist and The Handbook, we were able to grow brand awareness by 843.61% (in clicks).

Our solution

We started the Apatchy London affiliate campaign from scratch in September 2021. After familiarising ourselves with the brand’s demographics, we used social media to recruit key affiliates, targeting partners who reflected the ideal audience segment for the brand.

We then onboarded partners based on a competitive — and cost-effective — cost-per-action model. Our specialist team also secured Apatchy a place alongside key competitors on affiliate sites, where we could reach even more of their target audience.

To drive traffic even further, we utilised our PPC expertise to launch on prominent fashion affiliate site Stylight, optimising the product feed needed to launch on the platform. The ability to control product descriptions and imagery in this way was a particular draw, as it ensured we could keep all content in line with Apatchy’s brand messaging.

Our team utilised tried-and-tested outreach techniques to approach prominent fashion publications to secure listings on fashion and gift sites, such as Who What Wear, Stylight, Klarna, The Handbook, and Oculizm.

We also tapped into a new audience of students by implementing Student Beans at the start of September, strategically targeting this demographic at the start of term when new loan funds are released for best results.

Glass Digital have not only kickstarted our affiliate campaign, but they’ve surpassed our initial goal thanks to their creative and curated approach to affiliates. Everything they do has our brand’s goals and values in mind, collaborating closely with us at every step of the way — the team are more like an extension of our own business!

The team is always on hand to answer any questions, offer their specialist advice, and give us regular updates as to how the campaign is progressing. We always know exactly what’s going on and why and we always look forward to our weekly calls! Their knowledge, experience and great results to date are a testament to that.

Sam Tolhurst owner of Apatchy London

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