With a strong heritage in industrial design and manufacturing, Industville produces a wide variety of contemporary light fixtures and furniture. Sustainability and artisan production are at the core of what the brand does, and the majority of its products are crafted by hand from recycled materials. Because of their solid branding, Industville wanted to implement an affiliate strategy that utilised different partners and techniques without damaging their image.

Back in October 2022, we were asked to start Industville’s affiliate marketing campaign from scratch. The brand’s two main goals were to acquire new customers and reach 10%+ contribution to the overall online revenue, all while retaining the brand’s core principle of quality.

Our results

increase in traffic
average conversion rate
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COS in month 6

Our quick work and strategic approach got the campaign off to a flying start, with results coming in from the very first day of launch and showing no signs of slowing down. In just the first six months, we saw a 166% increase in traffic, with a 12.84% average conversion rate. In fact, by the sixth month of the campaign, we’d already reached the client’s goal of a 10% affiliate contribution to overall online revenue, all while maintaining the brand’s strong image.

[All stats show percentage difference from October 2022 — March 2023]

Our solution

Ahead of the campaign launch, we thoroughly collected all required assets, established the commission structure, and implemented the pixel so we were ready to start the onboarding the day the campaign was live. It was crucial to work as quickly as possible as Q4 can be one of the busiest times of the year for affiliates, when they usually stop onboarding new partners. Even though the campaign started in early October, we still managed to get the brand live on the most prominent sites, which started driving revenue on the second day after the launch.

As one of our key objectives was to protect Industville’s reputation for quality, we were careful to recruit only trusted partners that would further enhance the brand’s image. We focused solely on well-known and respected voucher and cashback sites that have a large home and garden sector audience. The incentive of a voucher code or cashback reward helped to meet the client’s goal of bringing in more potential new customers as well as drive repeat purchases.

To reach customers at various other touchpoints and contribute even more to overall online revenue, our affiliate mix also consisted of sub-networks, shopping discoveries, browser extensions, closed user groups, and CSS affiliates. The team also utilised outreach techniques to secure valuable exposure in Country Living in return for a commission.

Home and garden sector audiences are growing quickly, and the topic is becoming more popular across different affiliates, particularly among influencers. This is largely due to the effects of lockdown, when people were spending their free time decorating and renovating their houses. However, a bigger audience also means that the sector is now highly competitive, so we took a strategic approach to get the most from our various affiliate platforms. We utilised timeframes where consumers shop more actively (for example, Black Friday and the Easter period) and made sure to secure any exposures available for tenancies or a commission increase.

Scheduling commission increases for the best-performing publishers to raise brand awareness is essential for any new affiliate campaign just after launch. With continuous optimisation of commission rates, new partner recruitment, and a clear strategy, we were able to reach an average ROAS of 1,079% during the first six months of the campaign launching.

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