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Following success with our SEO service, Alliance Online tasked our affiliate marketing team with taking over a stagnating campaign and driving sales in key commercial areas. As the relationship continued, they looked for continuous growth in affiliate revenue and a declining cost per acquisition.

Our results

YoY COS reduction
revenue from charity sites
affiliates recruited in 2019

Thanks to consistent results and our transparent delivery method, Alliance Online have kept their affiliate programme with Glass Digital for over three years.

Our approach

Upon inheriting the affiliate programme, our priority was analysing historical data to see what was working — and what wasn’t. This, alongside a thorough commercial understanding process, allowed us to end ineffective partnerships and identify opportunities for expansion.

Next, harnessing the flexibility of our platform, we reviewed cost per acquisition (CPA) at a publisher level in order to identify the best affiliates, then set bespoke commission rates to further incentivise them. Reviewing CPA at a product level allowed us to protect and maximise profit margins.

We then began recruiting new partners with a proven track record, plugging gaps in the campaign to establish touchpoints across the customer journey. This included setting up display retargeting campaigns, and securing positions on charity cashback and comparison sites.

The optimised campaign delivered successful results, but we didn’t rest on our laurels. Throughout the campaign, we have continuously reviewed the affiliate programme in order to improve quality of traffic and reduce cost of sale (COS).

This is all done in close liaison with the client via our project management system. Alliance Online also have better insight into partner performance and overall results thanks to our affiliate technology.

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