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Millbry Hill came to us with organic traffic and revenue targets for 2017, and went on to give us even higher goals for 2018 and 2019. They were keen for us to focus on the equestrian market following a decline in sales, while building on the success of a growing womenswear department.

Our results

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We exceeded the organic traffic and revenue targets set for two years running, and are on track to do the same in 2019. Here are some of the year-on-year improvements made during the course of the campaign.

Our approach

Our tech and content teams focused on optimising the product category structure, starting with the equestrian department, so that we could maximise every relevant commercial keyword opportunity. The outreach team implemented an authority-building backlink strategy.

Created new, highly relevant pages to target keywords that were performing poorly or not ranking at all due to low page specificity. Noindexed sections with no search potential to prevent inefficient use of crawl budget, and implemented canonicals and redirects to resolve duplication issues.


Wrote optimised content with strategic internal links to help disambiguate competing pages and establish relevancy for target keywords. We also worked alongside the client to produce expert equestrian guides that would attract potential customers in the research phase of the buying journey.


Utilised the client's equestrian expertise to provide commentary and editorial to highly relevant sites, such as Horse and Hound, establishing valuable links. Also harnessed the client's existing relationships with suppliers to build testimonial links, and provided products for reviews and competitions.

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