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Charles Clinkard tasked our organic search team with maximising organic sales by taking advantage of seasonal trends. They were keen to establish a strong backlink profile and optimise their wide product catalogue for search.

Our Approach

Prepare for seasonal trends with the right mix of technical, outreach and content work at the right time.

Keyword research
Keyword research

Our tech team performed in-depth keyword research to identify seasonal trends in the footwear market, and prioritised work accordingly.

Content optimisation
Content optimisation

We increased site relevancy and authority for priority keywords by producing optimised category content and accompanying buying guides.

Targeted linkbuilding
Targeted linkbuilding

To build momentum ahead of peak selling periods, out outreach team arranged opportunities with relevant influencers well in advance.

Our Results

Making the most of product seasonality and market trends.

% increase in search visibility
additional keyword rankings
additional front-page rankings

Our Google rankings have been on the up since we started working with Glass Digital. We always receive a different mix of technical, content and outreach work depending on what's being prioritised each month, so we know time is being spent where it has the biggest impact. They adapt their strategy in line with our seasonal focuses, which is really important to a business like ours.


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