Your budget will be eaten up by a number of administrative and reporting-based elements such as periodical reports, meetings and project management tasks. Therefore, the amount of work is reduced and potentially holds back the performance of your search campaign.

Glass Digital

Meetings, reports and project management are essential parts of a search campaign. With Glass Digital, the time taken to deliver these elements are not taken from your budget, leaving more time to complete campaign work that will transform your rankings.

Smart budgeting benefits

  • Reduced Campaign Performance
    Usual agency budgeting models limit the amount of campaign work, meaning core SEO projects take much longer to complete, potentially limiting performance.
  • Higher Budget Requirements
    To fully execute an SEO strategy, brands are forced to commit higher levels of investment to ensure all elements of SEO can be worked on. This has a knock on effect on ROI, and the agency feels more pressure to justify the budget and levels of activity.
  • Lower Renewal Rates
    Added expenditure and lower activity mean brands feel underwhelmed with performance and ROI. Often, this can lead to disillusionment with the channel and an SEO strategy that chops and changes over multiple years.
  • Increased Campaign Performance
    As your budget goes directly towards tangible work, tasks and projects are completed much faster. We can ensure that your campaign receives the required amount of technical auditing, content and a strong outreach pipeline to make a real difference to the performance of your website.
  • Lower Budget Requirements
    Put simply, your budget goes further with Glass Digital. Our clients are able to spend less than they would with larger media agencies, for a higher amount of work. This ensures that return rates are more reasonable than they are at typical agencies.
  • Higher Renewal Rates
    Sensible budgets, high activity, improved performance and full transparency on where your money is going means our clients are more likely to renew with us. A number of our clients are on their fourth and fifth years with Glass Digital, so we know this strategy works for all parties.


We’ll be happy to tell you everything about our smart budgeting framework.