Glass Digital bake-off raises £490 for Retina UK

4-MINUTE READ - 14th June 2019

Emily Park
Emily ParkSenior Content Executive

As you might have noticed over on our Instagram, we recently hosted a charity bake-off. Ten members of the Glass Digital team volunteered to make us all some delicious treats, which ranged from a vibrant rainbow cake to tasty onion bhajis.

Each week, a baker brought in cakes, cookies, or sausage rolls, and anyone who wanted to try them put a donation in our charity pot. Once the ten weeks were up, we had raised £245 — now we just had to vote for a winner, who could choose a charity the donations would go to.

Outreach Executive Bettie Moran took the crown for her fantastic array of sausage rolls, and her chosen charity was Retina UK. Glass Digital then matched the initial amount of £245, so £490 was donated to the organisation.

Bettie said: “Retina UK is a charity close to my heart, as it funds medical research into and supports people with a range of eye conditions including Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and Usher Syndrome (USH), both of which I have.

“There isn’t currently a cure for RP or USH, but Retina UK has invested more than £16 million into eye research over the last 42 years, and winning Glass Digital’s charity bake-off gave me the perfect opportunity to support their work.

“I’ve received boundless support from my colleagues and employers at Glass Digital. They ensure that I’m comfortable, any unique needs are met, that I’m treated as an equal, and that I know their doors are always open should I need further support. And it was so kind of them to match the funds raised from the bake-off, allowing us to make an even bigger difference with £490 plus Gift Aid.”

Not only is holding a charity bake-off a lot of fun, but it also allows us to give back to causes our staff care about. We were very proud to have been able to support a charity that means so much to Bettie, and we’ll certainly be looking for more ways we can do this in the future.

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