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Sofas by Saxon is a Chesterfield sofas specialist based in Lancashire. They tasked our organic search team with improving their rankings for the two biggest keywords in their market: 'Chesterfield sofa' and 'Chesterfield sofas'.

Our Approach

Ensure the site is technically sound, and boost site authority on the topic of Chesterfield sofas using the right mix of content and outreach.

Successful migration
Successful migration

Our technical team focused on the website migration which allowed for more of a focus to be put on key commercial areas.

Onsite content
Onsite content

We produced search-optimised category content and onsite resources including buying guides to establish relevancy for target keywords.

Quality links
Quality links

We harnessed the expertise of the Sofas by Saxon team to earn exposure on high-quality sites including House Beautiful and the Telegraph.

Our Results

Boosting 'Chesterfield sofa' rankings and more.

% Increase in search visibility
Highest Ranking for 'Chesterfield Sofa'
Additional keyword rankings

As someone who reads a lot of industry content, I find that the content provided by Glass Digital is of the highest standard. Their writing perfectly suits our products and customers, and we believe it's benefitted our brand image and conversion rate as well as SEO. They not only produce descriptions and guides for our site, but write content that helps secure links on sites like House Beautiful.


We can make your target rankings a reality.

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